Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The site of a great battle

With "The White Princess" about to get rolling, I got intrigued with some English history.  And I wondered what was at the site of the famous Battle of Agincourt, won by Henry V, against daunting odds.  Henry chose the battlefield, deployed his archers effectively, and got some help from the weather to make the field muddy and difficult to maneuver on.  The Kenneth Branagh movie Henry V, adapting the play, showed this pretty well.

But what's actually at Agincourt?  Apparently there's a monument with an effigy of Christ crucified somewhere near there (to memorialize the French dead).

And this monument is nearby in Maisoncelle.

But according to the historians, and the maps, here's the actual site of the battle.  Supposedly the grove of trees was one of the areas where Henry V deployed his archers.

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