Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A sonnet --- "Sara Unbound"

In case you don't know Sara Underwood (aka Sara Jean Underwood), she's a former Playboy Playmate and Playmate of the Year, has appeared on a variety of TV shows and Internet media, and now is specializing in using Instagram for promotional appearances and spots, as well as producing some absolutely astonishing glamour+nature photography (with dedicated and daring photog Steve Bitanga).

You can follow her adventures (and some of their expeditions and site hikes truly qualify as such) on her Instagram accounts, saraunderwood and sarainthewoods.   If you want to see Bitanga's photography, try out stevebitanga.   They also have Twitter accounts, Snapchat accounts, private Snapchat accounts, Supe accounts... hard to keep track.

So, getting back to Sara, her outdoor photography efforts with Bitanga have included some stunning scenery combined with Sara wearing a) not much, b) very little, and c) nothing.  (And occasionally some cold weather shots where she's dressed to survive).   While following her around photographically, I've also been introduced to a few remarkable scenic locations that I had not previously known existed, especially some Pacific Northwest waterfalls and secluded hot springs where soaking naked is de rigeur.  Nice.  Wish I could try out some of that in person.

Having said all that, I composed a poetic and photographic tribute to Sara.   If you can't read it (given what I can post here), the sonnet text is below my composition.

And Sara, if you see this -- I hope you like it.  Because I certainly like what you've been doing.

Sara Unbound

She stands before the mountain peaks, enhanc-
ing nature's splendor with her own -- or in
a rushing forest stream, her featured stance
beside a waterfall's cascade, her skin
adorned with scintillating drops of mist.
It's hard to say which is more beautiful;
the scenery, or her outstanding list
of attributes, the curves and spaces full
of personality -- we therefore see
these places with her life inserted, dream-
scapes of reality, a woman free
to make the wondrous wonderful, a theme
of sensuality and naturalness
which we receive amazed, and blessed with bliss.

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