Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Lighthouse of the Week, June 25 - July 1, 2017: Cape Carvoeiro, Portugal

If you look at a map of Portugal, on the Atlantic Coast north of Lisbon, there's a little bump.  On Google Maps, it says there's a town on the bump named Peniche.  The bump is actually a peninsula on which Peniche is located. Peniche, unsurprisingly, is a traditional Portuguese fishing village. Peniche is all about the ocean, and seafood.

Given its location, I suspected that there would be a lighthouse nearby.  And I was right.  The lighthouse is the Cape Carvoeiro lighthouse (or in Portuguese, the Farol do Cabo Carvoeiro).

Here is its own Web site (I recommend the Google translation): Farol do Cabo Carvoeiro

Some details from this site:

  • It began operation in 1790.
  • The tower is 20.6 meters high.
  • In 1923 the third-order Fresnel lens was replaced with a fourth-order Fresnel lens.
  • The light ceased operation in 2001.  (Wikipedia, though, says it's still active, and the Lighthouse Directory just says it's no longer a major coastal light.)

It's also situated on an impressive bluff, but it was hard to find non-stock pictures of the lighthouse and the bluff.  I did, though.

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