Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lighthouse of the Week, June 11-17, Walker Bay, Leech Lake, Minnesota

It would be easy for me to look for lighthouses in Minnesota and find them on the shores of Lake Superior.   I could, in fact, just post more pictures of the marvelous Split Rock lighthouse (and after seeing more of them, I was tempted).  And I might be lazy next week and just post a selection of Split Rocks.

But I wondered if there were lighthouses in Minnesota that were NOT on Lake Superior.  I didn't know if I could find any.

But I did.

This is not a working lighthouse.  From what I can gather (you can read it too), it was a private project that was donated to be a public site.   It's lit up at night, but I don't know if it actually has a light.

Walker Bay Lighthouse

Now, if you're wondering where Leech Lake is, it's roughly in the center of north Minnesota.  If you draw a line directly from Fargo, North Dakota to Duluth, Leech Lake is just above the centerpoint of that line.  It's about 50 miles east of Lake Itasca, source of the Mississippi River.

Now, Leech Lake does not have a big fleet of commercial ships, nor does it have much of a cruise ship business.  What it does have is lots of fishermen on fishing boats.

The fleet

Good enough reason for a lighthouse.

Here's three pictures of the Walker Bay lighthouse.

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