Thursday, June 15, 2017

And now a quote from Jennifer Rubin

Jennifer Rubin writes "Right Turn" in the Washington Post.  She's a conservative voice at the paper, though not quite as angry as Krauthammer.

What stops Republicans from behaving rationally

I adored this quote:
"First, unlike Senate and House Republicans during Watergate, there are few genuine leaders of principle whose sense of propriety is offended by Trump. The moral and intellectual quality of the current crew of Republicans pales in comparison to the type of Republicans who finally told Richard Nixon the jig was up."
The thing is ... we Democrats have known that for as long as Bitch McConnell (not a typo) was trying to keep Obama from being elected to a second term by being Obstructionist #1, and for as long as Apalling Ryan has been proposing ridiculous budgets.  But more and more of them keep making Jennifer's point, every day.

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