Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ali Rose sonnet

There are many different beautiful women in the world, so to find one that is outstanding (at least to one's own personal preferences) is always enjoyable.

One of the women I've found personally pleasing is Playboy model Ali Rose,,, and a frequent representative of the Playboy brand. She recently released some new awesome photographic collections, which are quite appealing to those of us who appreciate glamour photography of a gorgeous naked woman. And she is that.

(An image search with the names "Ali Rose" and "Playboy" will yield bounteous results.)

I appreciate her appeal so much that I wrote a sonnet about her. She's married -- and I certainly hope that extraordinarily fortunate husband of hers shows his appreciation for what he's got, because it's pretty special. (Pretty and special, actually.)

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the beauty of the rose

I've never heard a word spoke from her lips
(and I know that she has a husband, too) --
she shows her self in photographic chips
in which she is not shy; we can't construe
that we might ever touch the treasures she
possesses, nor shall we have chance to share
her sensual affection; but we see
the apex of phenomenal, the bare
reality of wondrousness, displayed
to instigate response, covetousness
spurred by the female power to persuade,
and pure desire; the rise of manfulness
we cannot hope to quell, for in her spell
we can envision stories we can't tell.

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