Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli ducks and covers his *ss

The Washington Post notes how likely candidate for Virginia governor and nasty hard right conservative Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is hiding some of his previous record of hard right nasty positions in his first moves to try and disguise himself as something more than a nasty hard right conservative.  This is an effort to somehow appeal to anyone in Virginia who isn't a nasty hard right conservative to vote for him. 

It won't work.  People like me around the country, and I'm sure lots of good Dems in Virginia, will maintain the drumbeat about how bad it would be to elect a nasty hard right conservative like Cooch the Gooch as governor of the Old Dominion.

Ken Cuccinelli's airbrushed policies

Extracting a quote:
 "So far as we’ve seen, Mr. Cuccinelli hasn’t shifted his position [on immigration]; he’s just removed it from public view.

This didn’t stop with immigration. In the past few months, the Cuccinelli campaign has also removed from its Web site pages laying out the candidate’s views on abortion (he’s against it) and gun rights (he’s for them), among other things. Mr. Cuccinelli is hardly the first politician to moderate his views while running for higher office, nor even the first to opt for expedience. What sets him apart on immigration, however, is not only the extremity of his thinking compared to the electorate’s, but also how quickly he’s become marginalized within the Republican Party. That’s inconvenient for Mr. Cuccinelli, but there’s no airbrushing it away."
When he starts accepting that humans have caused climate change, then we'll know he's in full lie-to-the-electorate-to-get-elected mode.

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