Thursday, March 28, 2013

We have advanced so far

My life has been long enough that I clearly remember the amazing pictures of Mars taken by Mariner 9, which just so happened to be the first ever mission that put a satellite in orbit around another planet.  After the dust cleared, Mariner 9 showed the true face of Mars for the first time:   gigantic canyons, massive volcanoes, cratered areas, nearly featureless deserts (and no canals or little green men).

And since then I witnessed the landings of the Vikings, the Mars Pathfinder and its cute little Sojourner rover, several finally successful orbital missions with advanced cameras that can see the trails of the next rovers, and now the Curiosity roving laboratory.   And with the advances have come clearer and clearer pictures, that can now be animated as if we were actually standing on the surface of Mars.

Quite an era we live in.

Here's the panorama from Curiosity.  If you're not amazed, then you probably aren't impressed with Michelle Keegan's cleavage, either.

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