Thursday, March 28, 2013

Michelle Keegan's new BF, and other important news

I admire a lot of women, for various different reasons, all of which are somewhat based on their female attractiveness.  I have evinced my admiration numerous times on this blog.  One of my objects of repeated evincing is the supremely shaped British soap opera actress Michelle Keegan.

Well, there's news afoot on the Keegan front, and I don't use that word lightly.  She broke up with an idiot rocker boyfriend who apparently cheated on her -- IDIOT -- and has been single for awhile.  But not anymore.  She's now with a British reality show star, who was previously with Lauren Goodger (another reality show star) for about a decade.  With Michelle, he's moved on, and certainly in my opinion moved up.   Apparently they've been revealed to be together over the last couple of months (like here, and like here).  So good for her, and I believe, very good for him.

But there's more.  Not only has Michelle been picked as having the "Cleavage of the Year" -- the darned article does not do that justice, but below I will -- she's also appearing in the  March 2013 issue of FHM-UK, displaying her fineness in photographic fashion.  All of which  makes me very happy. For her, and for me, and for heterosexual sighted males of the  Caucasian persuasion everywhere.

By the way, Wonderbra helped pick the winner of the Cleavage of the Year award, and Michelle had nice things to say about them, thusly:
‘I'm a 30DD so it's usually impossible to find a good one but my Wonderbra is amazing,' says Michelle.
Umm, yes, she said 30DD.  Luverly.  See below.

That's what a 30DD looks like

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