Saturday, March 23, 2013

UK approves new nuclear plant

Good news from Ol' England:  a new nuclear plant has been approved.

Britain gives green light to new nuclear plant

It's going to be an EDF plant in Somerset, and it's a large plant.  It will be able to produce ~7% of Britain's electricity.

No information on what kind of plant it's going to be. There's the usual griping by environmental groups who don't understand the importance of meeting growing energy demand AND keeping carbon emissions to a minimum, and who think wind power is a viable alternative.  Just how many windmills, and how much ocean 'acreage', would be needed to produce 7% of the UK's electricity in 2020?  And how many ships would be necessary to go out and service the gigantic windmill field.

I mean, get real. 

Is this really the solution?  Ocean windmills to the horizon? Seriously?

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