Saturday, September 14, 2013

Way to go, Mystics

I don't know why I worry about or follow the Washington Mystics, the area's WNBA team. I'm not even a great fan of pro baskeball. It might be because they have a very dedicated fan base, and the team has been consistently inconsistent.  Maybe it's because they always seem to have a couple of hard-working players who aren't  rewarded much for their hard work.

For whatever reason, I'm happy that they made the playoffs this year.  Given the star power elsewhere in the WNBA - Taurasi, Parker, Moore, Delle Donne, Catchings, Griner, McCoughtry are a few of them - I don't expect them to go real far in the playoffs.  But the WNBA's short  playoff format sometimes creates a surprise.  So good luck to them.  I won't lose much sleep  if they go out  early, but I will be happy for them if they manage to go far.

Vaughn, Latta each score 15 points and Mystics clinch playoff spot with 69-67 win over Fever

Another article about them - one of the main reasons they've improved this year is the new coach, apparently.

Washington Mystics say work isn't done after clinching postseason bid

Only three current Mystics — Monique Currie, Crystal Langhorne and Matee Ajavon — were with the team for its last playoff appearance in 2010.   Thibault reshaped the rest of the roster when he arrived as both the coach and general manager, adding much needed stability in the back court with starting point guard Ivory Latta and fortifying the interior with Kia Vaughn and Michelle Snow. He also drafted off-guard Tayler Hill and center Emma Meesseman.

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