Sunday, September 15, 2013

When Sarah Brightman is in space

I was just hearing the other day that divine diva Sarah Brightman may get her chance to fly in space after all.

Sarah Brightman's flight to ISS appears to be on again

Her new tour and album, in fact, are inspired by this upcoming adventure:

For Sarah Brightman, 'Dreamchaser' Is a Prelude to Upcoming Space Journey

Now, I read a lot of science fiction when I had time and when I was younger.  I had a sudden thought about this journey, given that Sarah is truly likely to be the most artistically gifted person ever to fly in space (when and if she gets there).   And that made me think of one of the best pieces of science fiction ever written about the arts and being in orbit.

Thus, my thought was, if during Sarah's journey in space we suddenly encounter a swarm of red fireflies in a balloon, and if there is someone like Charlie Armstead supporting Sarah's artistic endeavors, then hopefully she has her StarSong ready.  Because if this happens, remember that the ISS might be commanded by someone who is ultimately a military man, or who might be called on to act as one.  So under those unlikely circumstances, we might hear something said like this:

"MISTER ARMSTEAD! This is a military vessel. We are facing more than fifty intelligent beings who appeared out of hyperspace near here twenty minutes ago, beings who therefore use a drive beyond my conception with no visible parts. If it makes you feel any better that I am aware that I have a passenger aboard of greater intrinsic value to my species than this ship and everyone else aboard her, and if it is any comfort to you that this knowledge already provides a distraction I need like an auxiliary anus, and I can no more leave this orbit than I can grow horns. Now, will you get off this bridge or will you be dragged?" (by Spider Robinson, in the Hugo Award winning novella Stardance)

Now, I've touched on this subject before, when Guy Laliberte, the founder of Cirque du Soleil, took a tourist trip on space.   Despite the fact that Sarah is a remarkable singer, wouldn't it be more artistically interesting if one of Guy's Cirque stars traveled in space?   Someone like the persons below?

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