Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why it's so hard to compromise right now

Jonathan Rauch, writing in National Affairs:

"In particular, spoilers have three pernicious effects. First, they make it difficult for leaders to lead. If any deal that a leader brings back from negotiations is suspect precisely because it is a deal, and if any leader who brings back such a deal is likely to be accused of treason by a significant share of his base, then it will be hard for a leader either to accept or deliver on a compromise — exactly the kind of problem that has weakened House speaker John Boehner in recent years."
This is why we're here - a couple of years ago, Boehner made a deal with President Obama that might have actually addressed the fiscal problems the country currently has, and Republicans rejected it.  And ever since, any "Grand Deal" has had no chance.

And now we have another shutdown for the sake of ideology.

When in doubt, blame the Republicans.  Right now, at least, it's all their fault. 

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