Thursday, December 25, 2014

3rd of three new baby articles - the Monaco heirs

If you search on "Princess Charlene" or "Charlene" or "Monaco" on this blog, you'll find that I've followed the relationship and marriage of former world-class swimmer from South Africa, now striking woman Charlene Wittstock, with Prince Albert of Monaco.   As you may recall, the Prince has already fathered a couple of out-of-wedlock kids, who will receive an inheritance and I think already receive a stipend but can't be a Prince or Princess of the Rainier dynasty ruling over the Principality.  As you may also recall, the revelation of a possible third bastard (I'm sorry, but that is the official word for it) was speculated to have caused very cold feet for Charlene prior to her wedding, and a possible intercepted run for the border to avoid walking down the aisle.   (She's denied that was the reason since, but still, it was a bit awkward).  They did indeed get married.

After that, it has taken a bit of time for the Prince and now-Princess (seen looking pretty here in pictures by Julian Lennon in an article I didn't have a chance to discuss) to get together in the reproductive sense, also causing some speculation that if she didn't conceive and deliver, she might get let go for someone that could, somewhat like Henry VIII.   Not that there was any assurance that the Prince could find another willing Princess.  (As speculation goes, there's also the speculation that having produced a heir - actually two - Princess Charlene may be free to go, having fulfilled her heir-producing responsibility. But we'll she if she sticks around for heir-raising.  Ha ha.)  Hope not on that last part.

Here are links about this significant event.

It's a boy AND a girl for Princess Charlene! Monaco royal gives birth to twins

Their first public appearance! Monaco's baby twins will be presented to the public early next month, says Palace... as Princess Charlene prepares to leave hospital

'I'm totally in love': Princess Charlene's joy after giving birth to twins as she reveals she may have to stay in hospital until Christmas

Introducing the future prince of Monaco (and his sister): Proud Prince Albert and Charlene introduce their newborn twins Jacques and Gabriella

Celebrations fit for a prince and princess! Monaco goes mad for its baby royals, as proud father Albert visits the new arrivals

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