Monday, December 22, 2014

National tennis honors to Dimitrov and Halep

Just noting briefly in passing that tennis player Gregor Dimitrov, who had a good year on the court and perhaps maybe an even better year off it by commencing a relationship with Maria Sharapova, was named the Bulgarian Athlete of the Year.  (There isn't an award for Bulgaria's Most Envied Man of the Year, apparently.)

Simona Halep, who had a fabulous year on the courts (but it would have been even better if she had beaten Dimitrov's girlfriend in the French Open final) was named the Romanian Athlete of the Year.  Let's remember that even though she didn't beat Serena Williams in the final of WTA Championships, she absolutely demolished her in a round robin match.   If I remember correctly, if she had won in three sets instead of two in that match, Serena would have been out of the tournament, giving Halep a likely better path to the title.

Tennis-Dimitrov and Halep win domestic sports awards

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