Monday, December 22, 2014

Many, many pictures of Michelle Keegan wearing nice clothes

The wondrous Michelle Keegan, who has left the Brit soaps to move on to more prominent things, has been doing one thing in her spare time;  modeling for a British fashion house named Lipsy UK or Lipsy London or something like that.  (Maybe it's actually just Lipsy.)

Whatever their name is, Michelle has been modeling and providing fashion insight for them.  The up coming link features Michelle in a lot of different Lipsy looks.   Some of them are quite appealing and verging on lingerie/nightwear (as shown below), but none of them actually is.

OK, as a man, I would prefer to see many, many pictures of Michelle NOT wearing clothes. Since that's unlikely to happen, these will have to do for now.

I don't know how much I would have to pay Michelle Mone to get her namesake Michelle Keegan to be the next featured lingerie model for Ultimo (now that Abbey Clancy is pregnant again by Peter Crouch - more on that later), but if I had it, I'd pay it.  And Michelle K. certainly has all the prerequisites for that job.  Of course, she has done some posing for the mags in lingerie, and there are the marvelous bikini pics as well, but a collection of Michelle K. in frilly underthings would pretty much be a whole lot of really great.  (And I'm shre there would be videos, too.)

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