Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lighthouse of the Week, December 7-13, 2014: Yalta Breakwater, Crimea, Ukraine

Before there was a Ukraine-Russia crisis in 2014, there was a Ukrainian-Russian lighthouse crisis in 2006.  One of the lights involved was the Yalta Breakwater light.  Here's what the useful and comprehensive UNC lighthouse archive has to say about it (the links are to other pictures of the lighthouse):

" 1957 (station established 1891). Active; focal plane 15 m (49 ft); red light, 3 s on, 4.5 s off. 12 m (39 ft) octagonal cylindrical stone tower with lantern and gallery, painted white. The nearby 9 m (30 ft) post light appears to be active as well. A 1-story masonry keeper's house is set into the pierhead. Vyacheslav Argenberg's photo is at right, a closeup is available, Wikimedia has a photo by Andrew Butko, and Google has a satellite view. Huelse has a postcard view of the earlier lighthouse and Forand has a second postcard view; that lighthouse, a cast iron tourelle of typical French design, actually survived World War II but in increasingly dilapidated condition. This is one of the best-known lighthouses of Crimea, and its occupation by Ukrainian personnel in January 2006 precipitated the lighthouse crisis between Ukraine and Russia. Located at the end of the Yalta breakwater, which extends southwestward parallel to the shoreline. Site open, tower closed; the lighthouse can also be seen easily from anywhere on the waterfront. ARLHS UKR-034; Admiralty E5320; NGA 18344. "

Here's three pictures of the Yalta Breakwater Lighthouse:

Yalta Breakwater Lighthouse from Panoramio

From Flickr by Patrick Costello

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