Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What she said, as in "I have no idea what she said"

The following article, entitled

Fangaði rétta augnablikið í sjöttu tilraun (which means "Capturing the right moment on the sixth attempt", approximately, in Icelandic) 

has an AWESOME video of the ongoing spectacle of the Holuhraun volcanic fissure eruption in Iceland.   Watch it, perhaps more than once.  It's worth watching.

Also watchable is the young, blonde, hot Icelandic newscaster that introduces the video.  Not being versed in Icelandic, I have not a whit of an idea what she says.

And I don't care.  (Actually, I do care, I wish I knew what she was saying.  But I can watch her speaking words that I do not remotely understand quite happily.)

If you're more interested in magnificent Icelandic women than Icelandic magma, here's 15 of them





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