Friday, January 9, 2015

Argonne lab working on new nuke plant designs, extending lifetimes

Read recently that the Argonne National Laboratory is collaborating on new ('advanced', too) nuclear plant designs and also working on technology to extend the lifetime of existing plants, something that I've had to consult on several times.   We'll see what they come up with.   I'm more interested in advanced technology nuclear plants, which I think is the key to the future - both for the nuclear energy industry and humanity (until we can get those mini nuclear fusion reactors going).

Argonne unveils advanced nuclear reactor design cooperation

"Argonne scientists and engineers are now working with industry and other national laboratories to provide the technical basis for extending the lifespan of existing reactors. Argonne is also "heavily involved" in research that will enable the next generation of advanced reactors."
That is good news.  I'll have high expectations for their success.

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