Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Coffee grounds to biofuel

I commented on Twitter that this was an idea I'd often had, but I obviously didn't have either the wherewithal or the infrastructure to make it happen.  But given all the Starbucks and Seattle's Best and Caribou Coffee and Peet's and Tim Horton's and Dunkin Donuts in the USA and Canada, there should be plenty of coffee grounds available to make caffeinated biofuel over here, too.

Grounds for optimism:  turning coffee into fuel

"We've industrialized the process of turning waste coffee grounds into a bio-diesel and a biomass pellet product," Arthur Kay, co-founder and CEO of bio-bean, told CNBC.com in a phone interview.

These bio-fuels – which are clean burning with a high oil content, according to Kay – are then sold to businesses in the U.K. and used to power both buildings and transport. "It's 100 percent carbon neutral," Kay said.

The U.K. produces roughly half a million tonnes of waste coffee grounds each year, Kay added. According to bio-bean, most of this is currently incinerated, sent to landfill or used in anaerobic digestion plants."

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