Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Edgy Predictions for 2015

Edgy Predictions  (If just one of these is right, I’ll be satisfied.   If I get two right, I’ll be ecstatic.  Three right – the Big O.)

1.     The Washington Nationals will play in the 2015 World Series.

I picked them to  be in the playoffs in the Undangerous Predictions.   So it’s a bit edgy, given all that can happen in the postseason, to pick them to be in the World Series, but with this pitching corps, they ought to be.

2.    The Washington Capitals will play in the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals.

Anything can happen in the Stanley Cup playoffs, but it helps to have a top-tier goalie.   So if they get in (see the Undangerous Predictions), Braden Holtby may be reaching that top-tier classification, and maybe maybe they can play for the Cup.

3.    Caroline Wozniacki will win a Grand Slam tournament, finally.  (Bonus:  she’ll release another line of underwear.)

I picked her (in the Undangerous Predictions again) to get into the semis in at least one major this year. She’s good enough to win now, Serena just can’t be expected to win them all (she’s less consistent now), and she’s proven she can fight.   If she doesn’t win one, I’d sure like Simona Halep to host a major trophy this year.

4.    Michelle Keegan will get a role in a major Hollywood movie.  (Bonus:  she’ll get married this year.  I think that’s already on the calendar. Yes, it is -- I just checked.  Probably will have major media coverage.)

Since I’ve been expecting the glorious Keegan to continue on her campaign to achieve world domination, this will be a logical next step.

5.    Hillary Clinton will declare her candidacy for President.

Well, everybody expects her to, despite the potential downsides.  Major question, unfortunately, is health. Speaking of world domination, I hope she does.

6.    A major earthquake or tsunami, or both together, will cause a minimum of 2,000 fatalities.

These things happen. I don't want these things to happen, but plate tectonics is not a hoax

7.    Senator James Inhofe will make a stunningly stupid remark about global warming in Congressional hearings.  It will be recognized widely as being totally incorrect and very stupid. Even the climate deniers will be shocked at how wrong it is, but they will still try to explain why it is correct.

I can hope!  Fox News recently had to apologize for an extremely wrong statement made by a guest about Muslim "no-go" zones.  I expect Inhofe to get incensed at a reliable scientific testifier in testimony before his committee who basically tells him that he’s wrong, and in the course of trying to prove he isn’t, the Senator will say something that shows he’s even wronger than we can imagine.

8.    In the first released results from NASA’s new precipitation mission, there will be either an excess or deficit of rain in some region that is hard to explain.  (Bonus:  some climate denier will use this in a blog post to say that NASA does bad science because this result was unexpected.)

The data should come out this year.   Clearly there has to be somewhere where there is more or less rain than conventional meteorology would expect there to be, right?

9.    The Entourage movie will do a first-weekend box office of at least $50 million dollars.

Well, I am definitely going to go see it.

10.    The Avengers:  Age of Ultron movie will set some kind of box office record in its opening weekend.

Well, I think everybody is planning to go see it (if you’re into superhero movies, and it appears that a lot of us are).

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