Friday, January 2, 2015

Wondrous volcano pictures

This is a single shot of back when lava from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano was entering the ocean, and generating some steamy vortices generated by the interaction of hot rock and cold seawater.     Right now Kilauea it has been sending lava flows toward the village of Pahoa, making the residents highly concerned, but as of yet has not done major damage or cut off major roads.  It still could.

Less lucky have been the villagers on the Cape Verde island of Fogo, where some pretty impressive eruptive activity sent out lava flows that buried most of two villages that were nestled dangerously in the caldera next to the active Pico de Fogo.  The villages were there because there was some agriculturally desirable land inside the caldera.  Not any more.  They did save the wine from the now-defunct vineyard before the lava got to it, though.  

Martin Rietze has a whole page of Fogo eruption photographs to marvel at.  I choose just two to show below as examples.

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