Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Admiring Alexis

Alexis Ren is a 20-year-old free-spirited model, who happens to have an exquisitely shaped, nearly impossible body. She frequently posts pictures of herself on Instagram, somewhat more than occasionally wearing body-conscious clothes or swimwear, and occasionally with hide-the-nipple nudity (delightful example below).

She just had an article about her in the Daily Mail, about her life (which hasn't been real long on experience) and how she overworked and undernourished herself before realizing that wasn't a good way to live and getting healthier.

She should stay healthy and be happy, because she sure looks healthy. Also, Alexis was a candidate for the SI swimsuit issue this year, but didn't make the final cut. Darn it. Here's a link to her "Casting Call" feature. Better luck next year, hopefully.

Alexis Ren - SI Swimsuit Casting Calls

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