Thursday, July 13, 2017

Josie Bissett marries again

Only once before (in 2009, actually - have I been doing this that long?) have I written about Josie Bissett of the original Melrose Place.   That was here:  Josie Bissett is still really, really, really cute

In that article, I noted that she had just recently divorced actor Rob Estes.  Well, hope and love spring eternal, and Josie just got married again:

'Happily Ever After!': Melrose Place alum Josie Bissett, 46, marries Thomas Doig at a charming winery in Washington

The pictures in the article aren't that great.  And all we know about Mr. Doig is that he's in construction, in Seattle (which happens to be pretty active right now -- as Seattle has the most skyline construction cranes in the USA for the second straight year).

So I think he can provide for the family household.

Since the pictures aren't that great, I am obligated to provide one of Josie looking really pretty.

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