Thursday, July 13, 2017

What makes a picture sexy?

As you might surmise from reviewing many of the posts on my blog, I have a predilection for pretty, sexy women.  (Many other men do, in fact -- amazing, right?)   Something else I like is a very sexy picture of a pretty woman.  As you also might surmise, the less she's wearing, the sexier the picture might be.  I say that because certainly not all nude photography is sexy, and it isn't necessary for a woman to be nude for a picture to be sexy.  It takes a good photographer, a good model, and setting and composition to be a really sexy picture.

The picture below is indeed sexy -- one of the sexiest I've seen in a long time.  The model is Jocelyn Binder, who's been featured in Playboy and its affiliates, and a lot of other places (here's her Model Mayhem page). I follow Jocelyn on Instagram, and she provides a lot of sexy pictures.

Let's break down why this picture is so sexy.  First of all, she's nude -- though you don't see more here than you would on any woman in a small bikini, so it's not explicit.  It's clear she's nude because of the outstanding tan lines, particularly the reflection in the mirror, with a tantalizing glimpse of derriere cleavage. She's fit -- her abs and waist show that. The reflection enhances the picture because it seems accidental, giving the picture a more intimate feeling.  Jocelyn's gaze is strongly come-hither, her visible eye is heavy and sensual, and she's tousled enough to make one think that she just came off the beach, took off her swimwear, and has just showered, and is now ready for a siesta with all the perks with the man she's looking at, a gaze directed from her at us.  She looks amorous and desirous. (Jocelyn's eyes are mesmerizing, too -- she's got cat eyes, with glow.)  She also seems to be aware that someone is looking at her with desire.  Add to all this the setting: jumbled sheets, sunny lighting, and the hotel room appearance, and so it seems that sex is on her mind and on the menu.  Finally, because the picture is black-and-white, it appears to be an artistic sexy picture, rather than simply a nude-woman-on-a-bed sexy picture, which would be more of the feeling if it were in color.

Now, I confess that I was so moved and inspired by this picture that I wrote a sonnet about it, which I do sometimes.  The sonnet is below the picture.   Thanks for the inspiration, Jocelyn.

(By the way, it's purely accidental that both the subject of this post and the previous one have a first name starting with 'Jo' and a last name starting with 'Bi'.  Weird, huh?)

The pic:

The sonnet:

Meditation on a black-and-white nude

A basic stark simplicity exudes
from this depiction -- taken with an eye
for venue and for palette, it includes
a centered subject in a place I'd try
to go if fortune smiled upon my plight;
and were I there, the promise that I see
directly and reflected makes delight
a goal I'd strive to share responsively
with her (and it would be in color, too);
it is the sense of my imagining
to help my mind to think this should be true
despite the comprehension that I bring
which does distinguish thoughts and certainties
just as I grope in hope, but never seize.

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