Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sexiest beaches, part 2

My previous post on "world's sexiest beaches" (which I subsequently discovered was from 2014) made me speculate that there might be other such lists.  I was correct;  there are.   So here is more information on this extremely important topic.

The 11 Sexiest Beaches in the World (from the Huffington Post)

I've been within driving distance of one of these.

Here's a video!

I've been to only one of these. Not hard to figure out which one.

And finally, many men like me appreciate the sexiness of a good-looking babe in a bikini on the beach.  And there's a list for that, too.

15 Beaches in the World with the Hottest Women

I've been to four of these and near another two.  And I did see some good-looking women on the ones I've been to.  Not as much as their reputation might indicate, but they were there.

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