Monday, July 24, 2017

Two articles about recent gold finds

Seems that some treasure hunters may have found some German gold on a shipwreck near Iceland.

Treasure chest with £100MILLION of Nazi gold is found by a British crew in the wreck of a ship deliberately sunk by Hitler to avoid being captured

Actually, they don't know if they found the gold yet. They found a box that might have the gold in it, and now they're working to get permission to remove the box from the wreck.  Presumably they explored the wreck with AUVs, like the survey of the Titanic.

The next article is about REAL gold.

Gold Nuggets Being Found In Rivers After Oroville Dam Crisis

(includes video showing how much they're finding, but they are finding a little more gold due to the erosion caused by the spillway release a couple of months ago)

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