Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lighthouse of the Week, July 9-15, 2017: Stonington Harbor Lighthouse CT

Connecticut is a small state with a lot of lighthouses per mile of coastline.  And to this point I've only featured one of them.  So now I'll double that number with a classic, the Stonington Harbor Lighthouse.  As you might suspect, it's located on a point (Stonington Point, of course) just outside the city of Stonington.

This one has been here awhile -- 1840, according to the history.  It's no longer a working lighthouse; now it's a museum, housing the Stonington Historical Society.  That's appropriate, because the building under the light used to be a house.

It's not very tall;  only 29 steps up a circular staircase to the top.  It really only operated until 1889, and went through a few owners before the historical society got it.

So here's the link where I got that from:  The Old Lighthouse Museum

And I went crazy with pictures;  here are five (well, one of them is a model).  One question remains:  is the lighthouse stone a light brown or a light gray?

I like this one quite a lot

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