Monday, July 3, 2017

So who is Abby Hornacek?

I accidentally saw a new show about drone racing, in the Drone Racing League (DRL), of course.  It appeared to be a bunch of guys racing drones.  I did not pay much attention until the host appeared on screen.  Her name was Abby Hornacek, and even though there were drones racing, Abby was the reason to watch the show.

The name seemed familiar, and it turns out that she's the daughter of former NBA player and current New York Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek.  As you'll probably figure out, she attended the University of Southern California and played volleyball -- on their beach volleyball team.

She's got pure California girl looks. This has not gone unnoticed by other blogs and Web sites, which does not surprise me.  What does surprise me is that the DRL Web site does not have a picture of Abby on it.  This is a mistake, in my opinion, because I think something else guys that race drones might be interested in is Abby Hornacek.

See if you agree.

With dad Jeff Hornacek

Drone Racing League host

Swimsuit feature, NBA daughters

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