Friday, April 10, 2015

Are the climate deniers in retreat?

Well, some writers at the Washington Post think that the climate denier cadre is on the run.  As Dana Milbank writes here:

Climate-change deniers are in retreat

"But on Christmas Eve, Justin Haskins, a blogger and editor at Heartland, penned an article for the conservative journal Human Events declaring: “The real debate is not whether man is, in some way, contributing to climate change; it’s true that the science is settled on that point in favor of the alarmists.”

Haskins called it “a rather extreme position to say that we ought to allow dangerous pollutants to destroy the only planet we know of that can completely sustain human life,” and he suggested work on “technologies that can reduce CO2 emissions without destroying whole economies.”
Well, that does sound promising.  But don't get too excited.

 Washington Post column by Dana Milbank read too much into a four-month-old op-ed  (from Joe Bast at the Heartland Institute)

"The man-made global warming paradigm is crumbling, public support is vanishing, and except for a few last hold-outs at the Washington Post and New York Times, the whole world knows it. Human activity is not causing a climate crisis."

That doesn't sound like much of a retreat, does it?  Well, this is the "Unabomber" Heartland Institute, and they are deniers to the core.  So they even have to deny that they aren't denying climate change as much now.  And Bast is delusional, because other than the United States and some tiny little enclaves in other countries, the rest of the world knows that climate change IS a crisis.

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