Saturday, April 11, 2015

Now I know where that is

Last week my Lighthouse of the Week was actually a project built to commemorate the turn of the millenium (i.e., the year 2000), and also to bring in more tourists.

Well, something else that might bring in tourists is a very unusual natural event.  So, totally coincidentally, right near where this non-lighthouse lighthouse is located, it rained a little.  OK, so raining a little is not exactly something that might bring in droves of tourists, except for the fact that where this rain fell is the Atacama Desert of Peru, the world's driest place, the closest thing we have to a Martian enviroment on Earth.  (Because a little rain is so unusual here, this little bit of rain caused major flash flooding and property destruction.)

As described here:  Rain in the Atacama

If you click that line and go to that page, you'll see a map of where this bit of rain fell.  And prominent on the map is the location of the town of Chañaral, which is the town that the lighthouse I highlighted as Lighthouse of the Week presides over.  And until I wrote the Lighthouse of the Week article, and looked up Chañaral, I had never heard of it nor knew where it was.   So now I do, and hopefully you do too.

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