Friday, July 31, 2015

England clobbers Australia in third Ashes Test (cricket)

I have been watching the Ashes Test matches, but haven't been reporting on them much.  Well, things just got more interesting.

In the first Test match, England edged the Aussies in a relatively close match.  In the second, the Aussies gave the England team an absolutely massive defeat.

The third featured something you don't see very often in cricket - low scores and lots of wickets taken quickly.  The Aussies only scored 136 in their first innings, which is about 25% of a "normal" innings score.   8 of the 11 batters had 11 or less runs.  That's nuts.   England only scored 281 in their first innings, and they proceeded to give up 265 in the second innings, but they didn't have much trouble scoring what they needed (l21) to win it -- with eight wickets to spare.

If they win the next one, they get the Ashes trophy (a little brown urn) back. One of their key players, Jimmy Anderson, is hurt and won't be in it, though.

Should be fun.

Ian Bell and Joe Root guide England to victory target of 121 as Australia are beaten within three days in thrilling third Ashes Test

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