Thursday, July 9, 2015

So who is Camille Kerslake?

While following the Daily Mail's coverage of Wimbledon, I spied Camilla Kerslake next to her (as the journalists called him) her partner Chris Robshaw.  Robshaw is the English captain.  Of what?  Rugby, it turns out.  I kind of guessed that looking at him.

Gary Lineker, James Anderson, Chris Robshaw and Graeme Le Saux turn out at Centre Court for day six of Wimbledon 2015

So who is Camilla Kerslake?  I'll get to that.

Gary Lineker and his wife Danielle (formerly Bux, who I have covered in earlier years on this blog), were also there.  (A quick Bux link, for those of you interested in a buxom girl in lingerie.)

But back to Camille Kerslake.

She's an English "classical/crossover" singer.  And she's really pretty.

Her Web site

Her Twitter feed

Here's her sideboob on the red carpet

Her Amazon music page

(I should listen to a few of her tracks.)

And of course, a couple of nice pictures:

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