Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Kelly splashed in gold

Kelly Brook.

What more can be said about her?  She's adorable, has a famously well-known spectacularly curvy figure, she seems to be willing to put her love on the line, she's loved and lost and came through smiling and still curvy, and when she got a bit more curve than she needed, she publicly went on a fitness and diet plan (with some corporate support) to get back into her much-admired shape.

And she and her trainer in the effort also fell for each other.  And she seems kinda happy with that arrangement.

So, why this post?

Well, to celebrate a new gold version cell phone, and probably to sell a few cellphones in this gold version, she posed in a dress made of gold paint.

Really.  Now, I did a bit of research on how this is done (mainly here -- there's toplessness in that video, but it's unfortunately blurred) and determined that the lucky guys who got to collaborate with her on this got to splash gold paint on her.

While she was, ahem, topless.  At least she was probably topless, so the paint "fit" better.  (I got that from the video.)  And it probably took awhile to get this just right.

WHERE do you sign up for this kind of job?????

The results are pretty impressive.

As is Kelly -- which is to be expected.

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