Thursday, September 24, 2015

Can Boehner seize his 'Profiles in Courage' moment?

The Washington Post editorial board is urging House Speaker John Boehner to take the steps necessary to rebuke the hard-right wing of his party.

John Boehner must rein in the GOP caucus

You should read it;  that's why I linked to it, if you enjoy reading my little corner of the Internet.

My take is this:  to do what they urge him to do -- which is, pass a budget with Democratic votes, if necessary -- takes political courage.  The Post editorialists note the risk.  He might lose his Speakership.  (I don't know who they'd get that could do better and that they'd like better, but that's their problem.)   I think the chances are remote that he would lose it, but that's the risk he has to be willing to accept.

If he does, he'll put the jerks on the right wing in their place.  As is their wont, they may throw a few hissy fits, but they deserve to be treated like pariahs.  As the editorial notes, what they've been doing and what they apparently plan to keep doing is to keep trying these futile grandstand plays, which are bad for the country and bad for the Republican Party.  I won't shed tears for the GOP, but I would like this country to be approximately functional.

So, Mr. Speaker, take the chance.  Pass a budget.  Do the right thing.

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