Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fast and furious

There are some pieces of symphonic music that move FAST.  (Presto furiouso, I think the musical term is.)

Here are some of the faster pieces, with links to a YouTube video of their performance.

Five of the "fastest" symphonic pieces:

Shostakovich "Festive Overture"

Rimsky-Korsakov "Flight of the Bumblebee"

Tchaikovsky, conclusion of "1812 Overture"

Rossini, conclusion of "William Tell Overture"

Saint-Saens, Bacchanale from "Samson and Delilah"

There's more in this category; this obviously had a majority of Russian composers.

Second five:

Holst, "Mercury, the Winged Messenger" from "The Planets"

John Philip Sousa, conclusion of "The Stars and Stripes Forever"

Khachaturian, "Sabre Dance"

Offenbach, "Can Can Music"

Bizet, "Farandole" from "L'Arlesienne Suite Number 2"

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