Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Maybe we'd pay more attention to the news

I just had to note this article about this new Albanian TV reporter, named Enki Bracaj, that apparently got her job via audition with her blouse unbuttoned.  And with what she possessed under the blouse, this apparentlyo resulted in an immediate job offer from the most-likely-male, most-likely-heterosexual news studio heads.   (According to the Daily Mail secondary headline, the bosses were "impressed" with her audition.  I'll bet they were.)

That's one way to make headlines! Wannabe TV reporter becomes a huge hit in Albania after wearing an open blouse for her screen test... and immediately gets the job

As I implied in the headline, I imagine that Albanian men will now pay a lot more attention to the TV news broadcast.  The article states that the show she appears in is a ratings hit.  I think the reasons for that are obvious.

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