Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Great places to swim, if you can get there

The Weather Channel had a great feature on natural swimming pools or holes around the world.

Most of them are a long, long way from here.   I seriously doubt (meaning there's just no possibility it will ever happen) that I'll dunk myself in the Devil's Pool at the edge of Victoria Falls.

I guess the most likely one is the Hamilton Pool in Austin, Texas.  I have, however, been to the source of the Comal River in nearby New Braunfels, and dipped my toe in just to say I was there.

Hamilton Pool

Havasu Falls is second in terms of likeliness.  I've also been to the Grand Canyon, but getting to Havasu Falls requires quite a bit more time and effort.

These places are pretty and special, so enjoy the feature:  Natural swimming pools

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