Thursday, June 9, 2016

Greener Canada for those who deny climate

In many discussions of climate change with climate change deniers, I cite many different kinds of phenological data as indicating primarily one direction of change -- warmer.  The vast majority of these kinds of data is consistent with a warming world.

Add another data set to this compilation:

Warming climate causing extensive greening in Canada, Alaska - study
"Using images from two Landsat satellites, the researchers found that “extensive greening” is occurring in the tundra along Canada’s northern coast, as well as in the tundra of Quebec, Labrador and western Alaska."
They also noted that shrubs are growing in tundra areas, areas previous only covered with tundra ground cover plants, like this:

Now, some may argue that this could actually be a good thing.  Or they might argue that it isn't due to warming, it's due to higher CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere (not necessarily good, either). Those are discussions for another day.  What this does show is that yet another phenological data trend is in the direction to be expected with warming climate.

Can anybody deny that?

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