Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey Piers, I said this already

Piers Morgan had a great idea about gun control in the Daily Mail today (June 13):

We’ve had a no-fly list for suspected terrorists for years, so why not a no-buy list? It’s time for Trump and the NRA to show whose side they’re on

Here's the best summary of his idea, which comes near the end of the article:
"But how about this for an idea? I want every known ISIS sympathiser in America on FBI files, including every name on the no-fly list, to be banned with immediate effect from buying a gun, so we can try to save American lives."
That sounds really good to me as an idea.  In fact, it sounds downright familiar.

Like to this:

There should be a "no gun" list

And here's what I said:

"If someone is on record as a) making threats, b) attempting or indicating a desire for suicide, c) expressing a desire to harm or injure another person, d) being a professed member of a group or groups that advocate violence toward a different group, e) having a psychological condition or having a family member with a known psychological condition, and f) writing a rambling manifesto expressing threats, endangerment, or hate for other people or groups -- their name should go on a basic "no gun" list. It means they can't buy guns and they can't have guns."

See? Simple. Great minds think alike. Or, great thoughts get thought by great thinkers.

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