Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kate looks great

Search my blog for "Kate Beckinsale".  You'll find I have several commentaries on this beauteous British actress.

And she's currently the leading lady in the movie Love and Friendship, which is getting great critical reviews, and is one I'd like to see in the theaters.

Most recently, she showed up at the Christian Dior Cruise 2016/2017 presentation in a superb white dress that utilized the side curvature of her bosom as a wonderful fashion accessory. (The actual common term for this is in the headline.)

Time to party! Kate Beckinsale flashes an ample amount of sideboob as she goes braless under a very racy white gown for star-studded night out to celebrate the Christian Dior Cruise show

There's a lot of Kate to celebrate here -- her teeth, her amazing hair, the full glamorous look, and of course, the fashion accessories.

Did I mention that Len Wiseman blew it?  (And Michael Sheen before him?)

She is so on my freebie list.

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