Tuesday, June 7, 2016

This IS important news

Yes, this is important, at least to some sectors of the world population (mostly but likely not all male*, and those who find the Caucasian type of female beauty most attractive):

Maxim magazine has named Stella Maxwell the hottest woman in the world for 2016.

Is she deserving?  Certainly.  Could there have been other choices?  Certainly too.  I want to know where Michelle Keegan will end up.  And she'd better be on the list.  Same goes for Nina Agdal.

But... back to Stella.  It's important to note that to celebrate the selection in the article linked above, she took off most of her clothes.  That's always nice when a hot woman does that.

I won't select a picture from the article, that wouldn't be right.  So here's a different one.

* She and Miley Cyrus were an item for awhile.  May have just been a fling, but if you're flinging, why not with the world's hottest woman?  I certainly would take that option.  Miley's gender preference is certainly fluid, as she's apparently strongly back with Liam Hemsworth now.

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