Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lighthouse of the Week, June 12-18, 2016: Point Montara, California

It's a lighthouse AND a hostel!

Point Montara Lighthouse/Hostel might not be California's best-known lighthouse, but like most of the other lights on the California coast, it's still remarkably scenic.   It's not very tall, but when a lighthouse is high over the ocean, that's not necessary.

Point Montara Lighthouse (from Lighthouse Friends - describes the hostel angle)

And a quick summary from the Lighthouse Directory:

"1881 (lighthouse relocated here in 1928; this station established in 1875). Active; focal plane 70 ft (21 m); white flash every 5 s. 30 ft (9 m) steel tower; FA 251 lens (1970). Lighthouse painted white, lantern and gallery black. The original 4th order Fresnel lens (1912, transferred from earlier tower) is on display at the San Mateo County History Museum in Redwood City. 2-story wood duplex keeper's house (1875) and wood fog signal building (1902)."
And of course, the pictures:

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