Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Where's Juno?

Lest we forget, the Juno mission is nearing Jupiter.   So let's check in to see where it's located today, June 7, 2016:

Where is Juno?  (Nice of NASA to have a page about that, isn't it?)

Unfortunately, the most recent update is May 6.   It's been a month since then!  C'mon NASA, get it together.

Here's a more recent article about Juno from Scientific American, explaining why this mission is going to Jupiter.  Still doesn't say how far away it is.  Best I could do is find out that on May 27, Juno crossed the boundary where the planet's gravitational pull exceeds that of the now-distant Sun.

Anyway, it arrives at Jupiter on July 4.   How appropriate is that?

Speaking of appropriations, let's just tell the Congresspeople that NASA deserves more.  Especially to study climate change. 

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