Sunday, August 21, 2016

Another August sonnet - "but who's counting?"

I've had more chances to be poetic this August.  So below, I hope you enjoy one of my fun ones.

but who's counting?

In basic elements she is the same;
her components no different than those
who like her are a woman! So her frame
is legged and possessed of pairs with ten-count toes
or fingers, plus the special type with cur-
vatures appealing and arousing; still,
it is the singularities of her
that alter both my wisdom and my will.
For one of them does kiss me, on my lips
or on my own distinct uniqueness; and
there is another place between her hips
that too is primal -- there, when my demand
is matched to her acceptance, she transforms
to one whose sole existence transcends norms.

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