Friday, August 19, 2016

Just a little ... bit ... lower

I don't try to hide my admiration for the talent, charisma, fitness, and All-American beauty of dancing star from Dancing with the Stars Julianne Hough.   And while she has a great figure, with all the necessary components, one of her outstanding components is her dancing-sculpted butt.

Below is one of the better photographs I could find of this particular component.

Now, it would be enjoyable but unlikely that Julianne would provide a view of her bare derriere (except maybe to her paramours, who are very fortunate guys).   However, during her vacation with Nina Dobrev, Milissa Sears, the fortunate Brooks Laich, and a few others, Nina, Julianne, and Milissa offered a glimpse of at least the top of their bare bottoms.

And that was very nice of them to do.

Click this to see that

(this shot has garnered 3,530 comments at the time I looked at it)

Now, some of the comments aren't exactly favorable.  So should we judge harshly?  Well, the nature of the beast of the type of dancing Julianne does is to be artistically sexy -- and one of the reasons she's a star is because she does that quite well.  So yes, this might be a little risky or risqué (take your pick), but that's an element of how she's built her stardom.

Now, if she posed for a nude photoshoot, their might be more disapproval, and it might more radically affect her wholesome+sexy image.  It would also be very nice of her to do -- but I don't expect it.

About Milissa Sears:  she's the wife of  TV's Flash hero/villain Teddy Sears, who was responsible for setting up Julianne and Brooks, which has worked out pretty well (it appears).

About 90% of the pictures I could find of her are with Teddy, so here's one in which she looks quite fetching.

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