Friday, August 26, 2016

Just read it -- more than once, if necessary

I read this Dana Milbank column in the Washington Post, but I'm linking to it in the Monterey Herald because the Post only allows free reads of 10 articles a month, I believe.

It's worth reading, because Milbank lays it out.  Hillary Clinton is the only reasonable choice for President this November, even though, as Milbank also lays out, she is certainly flawed. (As if any one of us isn't.)  If you're unreasonable, unreasoning, and can't see reason, then I guess you can vote for Trump.  Even then, I wouldn't recommend it.

The singular danger of Trump

This is what really moved me:
"He [Trump] shows an autocrat’s disregard for our constitutional system. He bans news organizations that he doesn’t like. He wants to “open up” press laws to weaken the First Amendment. He claims an American-born federal judge can’t be impartial toward him because of his Mexican heritage and threatens to use the presidency to go after him. He once said he would order the military, illegally, to torture detainees and target innocent civilians. He has talked of banning members of an entire religion from entry into the United States and forcing those here to register.

Trump invites violence as a political tool. He suggests “Second Amendment people” — gun owners — could stop judges Clinton nominates. He has spoken of paying the legal fees of supporters who assault hecklers at events, saying things like “knock the crap out of them” and “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Trump has alleged the vote will be “rigged” against him, and those around him suggest violence could ensue.

Trump brought racism and paranoia into the mainstream with his “America First” campaign and his leadership of the movement challenging Obama’s American birth. He hesitated to disavow David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan. His tweets have included messages from white supremacists, a Jewish star atop a pile of cash, phony crime statistics that originated with neo-Nazis, a quote from Mussolini, even an image of Nazi soldiers superimposed on the American flag next to Trump’s likeness. Trump has mocked Asian accents and the disabled. He has said “half” of the 11 million illegal immigrants are criminals."

Not Presidential. Not reasonable. Not possible.

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