Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bendtner news!

For some reason (mainly because he bedded a fabulously wealthy and fabulously gorgeous divorcee and they had a baby together, even though she was about a decade older), I've been continually watching the ups and downs of the soccer career of Nicklas Bendtner.

I kinda thought Hull City would take a shot at him, considering how few players they actually have.

But it appears from this article that Bendtner could end up in the English Championship division, one notch below the Premier League, giving him a chance to make enough of an impression to move up (or to get on a team that qualifies for the Premier League next year).

I promise to keep an eye on this and report any additional developments.

Late Hull City news on Twitter:  they signed Will Keane from Manchester United, which helps their roster situation a little.

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