Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The concern: Trump pulls out too soon

I'm perfectly content with the Republican Party going down in flames because they nominated Donald Trump for President. However, I keep having a recurring daymare as Trump's campaign problems get worse and worse. What I fear is this:

He quits running for President.

You see, he's very likely going to lose, and that likelihood is increasing every day that he's running. But if he quits, the Republicans will have to put up another candidate (somehow), and there's a problem with that, in my mind:

Even at this late date, they might nominate someone who's actually electable.

Now, filmmaker and part-time curmudgeon Michael Moore thinks that Trump never planned to be President, and probably doesn't want to be (I think that too, but for slightly different reasons -- see below). Moore has stated this publicly, and even added in the advice to Donald to quit the race now.

Michael Moore: Trump 'never actually wanted to be President' 

NO! That's not what we want!

We want Donald to stay in, and split the Republican Party massively. Make the Trumpians mad. Help disintegrate the party, especially in the gerrymandered Congressional districts, and maybe take back both the House and the Senate, as Hillary gets elected.

Now, my reasons that Trump never wanted to be President. I think he knows it's too hard a job for someone used to the trappings and leisure activities of being super wealthy. Being President would mean he'd have to work really hard, every day. I doubt he wants to. (There were reports that Trump was shopping around the Vice Presidency to governors like Kasich or Walker with the offer that they could actually run the country. Presumably that meant he'd shake hands, sign bills, talk with head of other foreign countries, and host state dinners with Melania in some expensive designer dress.)

But I suspect even something more sinister. I suspect that Donald planned to run to try and get Hillary elected! Look back - there are pictures showing that the Clintons and the Trumps were cordial, and Donald is on record with praise toward Hillary. Obviously he can't act nice toward her when he's ostensibly a candidate for President. But I think he might have come up with the idea that by being an impossible candidate to elect, he'd make it easier for America to get over the "hump" of electing a woman President, especially one with the difficulties Hillary carries with her, i.e., the lack of public appeal, the concerns voters have about her character (which I think are misguided), the liberal Democrat aspect, etc. So if Hillary gets elected, he can take credit for a major role in getting the first woman President elected.

Seriously, I think he would (and will).

Thus, I want Donald to keep running, and I want Donald to lose. Big.  HUUUUUGE.  I don't want the RNC to kick him out, and I don't want Donald to quit the race. The moves that he made today, campaign-wise, should help keep his voter appeal down. The debates are likely to be almost unwatchable for anyone with an average IQ or above, so I'll probably just read the summaries the next day.

So GO, Donald, GO -- in the direction you're going -- which is to say, you're currently going down in flames and there's no reason to stop, for the good of the country.

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