Sunday, August 7, 2016

Lighthouse of the Week, August 7-13, 2016: Tranøy Lighthouse, Norway

The Tranøy Lighthouse in Norway is truly picturesque, as one might expect a lighthouse located on a rocky coast by a strait of water near mountainous snow-encrusted islands should be.

Here's some info:

It stands 89.6 feet (27.3 meters) tall, and is 91.9 feet (28 meters) above high tide. It was built in 1914, but was actually moved to its present location in 1935. It's an active lighthouse with tri-colored lights, and it's also a tourist attraction.

Two links will tell you more about it.  The first photographically describes a journey to the lighthouse.

Tranøy Lighthouse in Nordland

Tranøy Lighthouse: A Nordland Treasure

Three pictures will tell you how picturesque it is.

by Tobias Richter

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